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It is in the act of generosity where we create the positive karma and merit to have a wealthy life.

Financially supporting the Dharma Center is both a benefit for you and others.

The Boise Dharma Center is completely supported by the donations of it's member and the generous offerings of visitors and our community.

We are a Certified Non-Profit in the State of Idaho with an EIN number and a Business banking account. We have worked diligently to create our By-Laws, form a Board of Directors, and put ourselves in a position to acquire 501(c)3 National Non-Profit status. As of February 2012 we rejoice in our new status as a
501(c)3 National Non-Profit Organization in the United States.

We are grateful for any donations or offerings you can make.

You can make you tax deductable donations using the PayPal button. You may also mail your donations to the Center's address or offer donations in person during practice. Thank you for your support.
Boise Dharma Center          1524 S. Vista Ave. Boise, Idaho 83705       Copyright • 2017
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