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The Boise Dharma Center currently working on an emailing list system.

However, in the short term we do have a current mailing list. If you are interested in receiving updates and infomation about events and retreats at the Boise Dharma Center or the Dzogchen Retreat Center please send a request to the email on the right. Then we can add you to the mailing list we have at this time.

For more information please contact The Dharma Center by phone 208-274-3607, or by email

Monday evenings @ 7pm

Our regular practice meets every Monday night on the second floor of the Hoppie Building at 7pm at the Maitri Center for Healing Arts:

1524 S. Vista Ave.
Boise, Idaho 83705

Drop by visitors are also welcome at The Dharma Center at any time during practice.

Boise Dharma Center          1524 S. Vista Ave. Boise, Idaho 83705       Copyright • 2017
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